Designing Ethical Futures

– Annelie Berner and Monika Seyfried


Learn how to use ethical theories to reflect upon what we design and why. Use futurescaping methods to envision the unexpected consequences of new technology. Gain skills in designing experiences that bring to life ethical theories.

General Expectations

This is a collaborative, open workshop about challenging and to some extent, messy topics. As faculty, we bring our knowledge, methods, references to the table and so do you. Share with us, share with each other, so that we can all find good paths.


Annelie – a
Monika – m

As a class, we will use Slack for chatting and momentary link sharing. Please join the slack here. We will use it to clarify assignments and post quick references as needed.

Daily Schedule

We start promptly at 9:30 and end at 17. Lunch is at 12.
Inside of each day, we will share detailed schedules and exercises. This, however, is the basic schedule of topics and workflow.

Day 1

–       Morning activity, introductions, introduction to the topic

–       Futurescaping, worldbuilding, group work

–       Deliverable presentation

Day 2

–       Morning activity

–       Speculative design, finding the opportunity, brainstorming and concept creation

–       Deliverable presentation

Day 3

–       Morning activity

–       Ethics, relating to ethics, your concept, re-imagining

–       Deliverable presentation

Day 4

–       Morning activity

–       Re-working your concept, group work, prototyping, preparing

–       Deliverable presentation

Day 5

–       Morning activity

–       Preparing the presentation and documentation

Ongoing references for the workshop

We will continue to update this document with relevant references as we go in terms of research on our topic of memory, futurescaping, ethics, speculative design. These are the tools we use, separated by each day. Below you can download a document with relevant references for this course.

References and resources pdf

Our team interviewed Monika Seyfried and Annelie Berner, part of VIRT-EU as researchers at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. In this video, Seyfried and Berner explain how they worked with students when teaching the course “Designing Ethical Futures” at the UN City in Copenhagen during the summer of 2019.